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Six months back, we were a sprawling golf training center operating out of Jesup golf course and our business concerned members of the Jesup golf course who paid to learn, get technical advice and rent our clubs. We have moved forward and owing to financial constraints decided to take our expertise online helping more than just the good folks of Iowa. Our audience is now the world and anyone with even the slightest curiosity towards golf in general.

At JesupGolf.com it is our opinion (we certainly do not speak for the majority of training centers) that golf must be a sport that is enjoyed by the masses. Anyone can enjoy the expansive courses, from 12 to 18 holes, stretching for miles in all directions away from the noise and pollution of cities and overpopulated townships. So why not learn a game that brings you closer to nature? For us it is the serenity of the sport that inspires us and we hope to induce some of the euphoria we feel among our readers and members.