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By Henry Cooper...

To a layman, the sport of Golf might seem to be a laid back recreational activity but it isn’t so. Yes, we do travel in golf karts at a leisurely pace to take our next shot, yes we do lounge in the club house and tend to party after a hard session of practice but there’s more to it than just that.

Golf is a gentleman’s sport one that has been played since ages. Now, while the professional circuit sees the use of golf karts and a caddie, the fact remains that in order to master the sport you have to be super fit.

This does not mean bulging those arm muscles or straining the veins to the point of eye sore. No, instead it means concentrating on cardio. One easy way to do this is to get a good elliptical machine. Even if you are just an amateur or a noob starting out, make sure you have some sort of fitness level since the sport can get exhausting – staying out in the sun for hours, practicing your shots and so on so forth.

A good place to get yourself a cardio machine is the site, They have a decent collection of reviews and plenty of useful workout tips that you can go through and practice on a daily basis. However, refrain from doing anything super intensive the days you actually hit the golf course. Especially, stay away from HIIT training – they are a calorie burner and tend to be highly exhaustive even if less time consuming.

With some amount of cardio fitness, you will actually find golfing that much more easier. Unlike other sports, golf requires complete fitness. You got to have a strong back and even stronger hips. Not to forget good arm strength and leg muscles do help generate that extra bit of pace and spin in the ball.

Check this video out for more details…

By Tim Johnson...

Proper alignment to any shot in golf practically governs your consistency. It is the difference between a consistently good player and one who has one-off performances. This tutorial by Tim Johnson shows you how to address any shot anywhere.